the real question is why does it have to be so hard to deviate form the templates they have created....WHY?...i am ok at basic HTML....but this site makes it so darn difficult!! I have to publish something any time i want to se what changes i made OYE!! AAAAAAAAH all my text turned PINK!!! oh not pink now but blue tha's hard to read.....aaah tha's better....makes me smiley...i was forgetting to close my font tags....DUH!...and i was not doing the prviewing right...so in conclusion all the confusion was jsut me making things harder than they needed to be....and over reacting and being dumb....i tend to do that :) but jsut when im beign girley....is there an e in girley or is it girly?...with all the typos i put in this thing you wouldnt think id even care