dedicated to my minion

yes, i have a minion...what princess is complete without one...he is one of the very special boys in my life...Today, i will blog about my minion, he felt sad that he was never rambled about in my ramblings...so i shall remedy that. i do what i can to make him happy...he makes me happy...my minion is matt. not the matt who goes to school here...he's my matt from Highschool...in highschool i was much more adament aobut my princessness....and my senior year matt was a freshman and he was good at groveling and he humored my "delusions of royalty" as he liked to call them...so we are friends..and he is my minion...he is cute and i love him....he doens grovel so much anymore(which is probly good), but he does still consistently call me princess(which is also good)...that brings me joy...he reasds my blog(makes me feel like typing her'es not wasted)...he also picks on my typing...mercilessly...and on me in gerneral....i think he likes to stir me up a little sometimes....he says astute things too....like after i saw the passion and was scaared that id have nighmares, he said to me. "have sweet dreams princess, tha's what all that violence was for"...if that doesnt sum up the movie, and Jesus, and the wonderfullness of it, i dont know what does....see hes smart...and he's a senior this year...im getting so old...hes gonna gradute...and be an eagle scout...yay for eaglescouts...and he knows aobut all sorts of things, like camping stoves....DID YOU KNOW THAT BACKPACKERS CARRY STOVES!!! aparently everyone but me knew this....but now i know too...i thought they jsut usesd fires and ate granola :-) ...my darling minion (sometimes i add darling to his title) told me that fires were inefficient and not low impact enough...go figure...wow this is geting long..see theres lots to say aobut my minion....but it's tomorrow already from when i started typing..adn i have to go to bed to get up early to do all that i have to do before i get to go home!!! (I'm riding wiht Kristen and Abby and we're leaving at 6 in teh mornign saturday...and brian's gonna come gget me in washington YAY)..but at any rate...i have a minion, and i'd be very sad if i ever lost him....(I love you matt)