dying down here

i cant wait till spring break! In less than 24 hours i'' be home...today has been rough....i think i literally failed my theology Exam....like for real...like by the schools numbers not my infloated standards....then i went to work and totally forgot a camcorder setup in the music building...and then i forgot to tear it down..my manager had to rmind me both times i told her she ought to just fire me...and i stillhave tons of stuff i want to do...i put my perspectives work off all week and now i'll have to haul those books home..i'll be lucky if i finish the 2 lessons that are due sunday so i ahve to finsh them before i go home so i kcan give them to mama Luci & papa chuck..let alone the one tha's due the day i get back....oye!....but less than 20 hours less than 20 hours.YAYAYAYAYYY