Spring Break Was Wonderful! i loved being home and seeing everyone cant think of anyone i didnt like seeing
i got to spend LOTS of time with brian somehow it hardly ever seems enough but i loved every minute and sometimes it's hard to balance that with my family...whom i love a lot a lot a lot a lot
a lot!!! I could have spent another week at home before i was ready to come back to school....but sadly hat luxuary i dont have...luckily in 2 weeks i'll see brian and in 3 i'll be home for Easter!!!
I didnt really accomplish anything...i should ahve done some schoolish stuff and some "taking care of stuff" stuff...and some other stuff....but instead i wasted time and slept in and hung out with brian...and went to the musical...sad story aobut the musical->brian and matt and i all met there...and then after words it snowed all icky and made the roads a sad mess and so we all jsut went straight home...and it was sad!...
wednesday i got to go to church and help out wiht awanas....cubbies to be specific...preschoolers for those who dodnt know the nomenclature...and that was fun...mat came to hurc and went with the youth to the nursing home...then of course stopped to give me a hug...if one more person asked me if he was a "special someone" thos morning...OYE!! and how do i answe that casue he is special...and he is soeone...but we're not dating...and other stupid things people ask...when i tell them I'm dating someone...they say "is it serious?" in this quite grave tone of voice....like dating is a kind of disease....
My grandparents Lane were supposed to come tuesday, but they didnt adn it was sad....but kind of not sometimes grandparents are stressful....shoot i forgot to all gramma Rita while i was home...shoot
yes i love home....jsut to bits and peices..i missed having abi there..but it was reALLLY nice to have my own room..ok tha's not all but im working ofr luicas tomorrow morning...and so now this princess is goingt o bed...g'night