Today make a month and a half!!

I’m sorry that this past week most of you didn’t hear from me. It was a crazy week and even though I had not updated you on my needs, I felt your prayers.

Most of the week’s Crazy was in my head. I am feeling very homesick right now. And your prayers for that are greatly appreciated. I am not sure right now even what I need to do to help myself with this. God is being faithful though even when I am not. I am surrounded by people who, even if they don’t speak fluent English, care about and pray for me here.

Saturday, I helped mix cement for a sidewalk around the house. I am learning so much here. I still do not understand why part of my job was poking the poured cement with a stick, but I’m thinking of adding that skill to my resume. Sadly, I was not allowed to put my handprint or initials in the cement. In fact they looked at me like I was crazy when I suggested it :) Sometimes, I am glaringly American!

Last Sunday was a Worship Festival in Michelovce. It was a looong day that started at 5 am and ended at 3 am Monday. I helped with video production, everything from setting up the screen to switching and directing the cameras. It went very well and a number of people came forward after the speaker. Also, I learned 5 new words. Wire, shovel, drizzle, screen and can I help you? They guys I work with get a kick out of teaching me mostly useless words.

Monday was a Bank Holiday. And Tuesday was a day off because of the Worship Festival on Sunday. Tuesday I went to the bank to try and pay my cell phone bill. (I have an account here now but until I have my visa I can not use the ATMs or internet banking.) I did not realize that I would have to have my Passport with me to do this. So that meant waiting for the bus back home, getting my passport, waiting for the next bus, riding back to the bank, waiting in the lines again....but the bill is paid. It’s on excursions like this that I miss my car!!

After the bank I wandered around Presov for a bit. I am still trying to figure out how to shop here, what stores sell what, which stores I have to take my own bag to, even what size I wear is a little of a mystery. I think my pant and shoe sizes have both jumped up to 30-something :).

Here in Presov, we are getting ready for Campfest, the big open air music festival in August. They are having trouble finding bands and volunteers. Two key things if you want to have a large music festival. Also the center is in the process of being finished. The coffee house is getting ready to open. Chairs tables and carpet should be arriving sometime in the next weeks and the walls are all painted as of yesterday. The recording studio that is being rebuilt in the basement is coming along as well, the funds for this are still coming in but slowly.

Personally, I have a few video projects, all in the planning stages. Some closer to being realized than others.

I have been in e-mail contact with a Slovak teacher and am currently waiting to hear from her about a time we can meet to see how/if it will work for her to teach me.

If you’d like to see some of my pictures, I have posted them online at flickr.Use the link in the sidebar that says MY PICTURES! I will be trying my best to keep this updated with my latest photos.

~That the Visa quest will continue (it is moving so slow!)
~That I connect with a teacher and learn Slovak
~For my homesick funk, that it will leave or I will cope or know what’s best for me to do.
~For Slovakia. There are hurting broken people here.
~For MPK(Mladez pre Krista YFC in Slovak) for support to finish the center and that CampFest preparations go well

Thank you for your prayers,