more to come

Greetings from Slovakia! 9 weeks in.
I’m excited to write this to you all, so much has happened and so much more will in the next week!

Last weekend, I took some me-time in preparation for what looks like a few crazy weeks! I baked cookies (chocolate chip and some VERY sticky nobakes) caught up on my sleep and was blessed by the speaker in church on Sunday who was a missionary and spoke in English!!

This past week I finished the video on the 23rd Psalm video I was doing, re-tweaked the Vision poem I did when I first got here and caught the vision for the CampFest videos that will start each teaching session. It will be a big production with video and live music and dancers! I hope we can pull it off!

Tuesday night was the opening meeting for 10 days of 24 hour prayer for Prešov. This is an exciting thing. All of the churches in Presov are praying together these 10 days. The worship band that led the opening worship was 7 young people from 6 different denominations! Catholic Luteran Bretheren Baptist all praising and praying together that God will change Prešov!!! It was very powerful. Pictures are at my Flickr site, but they barely begin to capture the power in that place.

Wednesday was youth group at the Lutheran Church. Thank you to those of you praying that I will form relationships. When I arrived early last night, instead of standing around feeling lost someone pulled out a chair and I was included in the conversation. Or the conversation shifted to practicing english and how talking to me would be a great comedy skit on TV, them saying “what what?” and me asking “čo? čo?” and sometimes I know the basic words and I can translate for myself. So someone would ask a friend how do you say X in English and I would answer with the right word! Encouraging for my Slovak Ego and fun for building relationships. After youth group a few of us went to the prayer room. Where I was further blessed. God is SOO good!

Today I’m in the middle of a CampFest meeting. I’m not actually participating since it’s all in Slovak and I am not part of the planning team. The meeting is just being held in the room where I have my space. Kind of a bit like the twilight zone :)

Tomorrow will find me on a bus to Prague. It will be a 10 hour bus ride across Slovakia. I’m meeting my Suitemate from Asbury and we’re going to be tourists. I’m staying in a hostel and visiting a castle and SPEAKING ENGLISH the WHOLE time!!! There will be lots of pictures.
And we’re going to attend an English Church on Sunday. Very exciting for me.

Heading into next week....
Monday will be a long tired day as I go home, shower after spending a night on a bus and get back on another bus to come to work.
Tuesday will be more brainstorming on the CampFest video
Wednesday will be more brainstorming planning and will drag on forever. I’m sure about this because.....
Next Thursday I am headed to Kosice to meet a plane that will bring the group from Grove City. This is the group that includes Ruth Ann and my Micah.

Please Pray:
~ That I will continue to learn Slovak (especially motivation to study)
~ For Campfest preparations
~ For Safety on my trip to Prague
~ For spiritual growth.