fast Going!!

5 weeks! Oh my word!! This week disappeared so fast and where has the past month gone?! Thank you for your prayers! I would never have made it this far without you!

Last weekend went very well!

Friday we packed six people and their stuff for the weekend (including 3 guitars and sleeping bags for everyone) into a minivan. And drove about 6 hours across Slovakia to The Lumen Festival in Trnava (www.festivallumen.sk). I spent Friday night in the flat of a girl from Monroeville, which was very nice. I had my own room and chocolate chip cookies and un accented English conversation. (God takes such good care of us doesn’t He!!)

Saturday was a search for a good restaurant for lunch and Timothy's concert where my videos were used. It was so neat and nerve wracking to see them on the big screen! Also, the reason for me to be on the trip, I photographed the band during their concert. We got home about 2 in the morning.

Sunday was a day of beautiful relaxation and finally some sunshine! Spring is coming to Slovakia :) Also, I had the closest thing so far to an untranslated conversation in Slovak. You’d have to have a loose definition of “untranslated” and “Conversation” but I came close and managed to understand the questions and most of the time give an appropriate answer. There were sometimes I needed help, like explaining that my mother works as a Laboratory Technician in a hospital, but I could tell him names and ages of my siblings, that my father is a pastor, and that I think Slovakia is very pretty! All in all, a great ego boost! Everyone here is impressed by what I can understand already. I wish it was coming faster though

Monday, I barely missed my bus (I literally saw it pull away from the stop as I rounded the corner) and instead of waiting the 35 minutes for the next one, I just started walking toward town. It is about a 45 minute walk to the office but there are bus stops with more frequent stops between my house and the office. I was not wearing the right shoes for this decision. But had a blessed time of visiting with God in spite of the blisters on my heels.

Tuesday I got up early to take the bus to Kosice for a doctors appointment to ensure that I will not infect the country of Slovakia with some horrible disease if they give me a visa. It went well and aside from the taking of blood, it was mostly just a lot of walking from building to building trying to figure out what I needed. I was so thankful that Zuzka went with me since sometimes she was confused and she is Slovak! God is so faithful!!

I started planning for another video project. I’m excited about this one. It is a music video for one of Timothy’s songs about how God brings the light back into our lives. It has a good possibility of being on Slovak TV. It is mostly planned out and we’re just waiting on some small details, like a camera. When I came, I thought that MPK (“Mladez pre Krista” YFC in Slovak) owned a camera. But I had misunderstood and they just have friends who loan them cameras for certain events, and a two small consumer models. Please join me in praying that God will provide a professional camera.

Thursday I went to a concert with some girls I met at the small group I attended on Monday night. it ws a lot of fun and very good for me to hang out with other girls my age!!

I’m still waiting to hear back from someone I e-mailed about teaching me Slovak. Some days I’m very tempted to just get by on what I pick up and what English people here speak, but in my heart of hearts, I really want to learn this crazy language!

This weekend I will be helping/learning to mix the video for the big screens at the worship festival in Michelovce. Practice for Campfest!! we leave at 630 AM on Sunday! and i'll be back to Presov sometime around 11 or midnight!!

~ That my battles with homesickness will come at longer intervals. (currently the trend is moving the opposite direction)
~ That I can find a Slovak tutor and learn the language.
~ That I will be able to build relationships.
~ That things will progress smoothly to get my visa.
~ That I continue to grow closer to God and stay Rooted in Him