what do you need?

Anastasia needs encouragement regarding the importance of regular school
Anastasia needs a caring and committed family who can encourage her
Anastasia needs a teacher who can make it interesting and exciting
Anastasia needs lessons in talent acquisition [Re: ILUVCOUNTRY] ... I think she needs a lesson in manners
Anastasia needs to refine her comments to the contestants more
Anastasia needs to send a message to the browser, asking it to start showing this particular book
Self-confidence is what Anastasia needs. Where to find it? Studio Charmante, of course
Anastasia needs extensive work on her hooves to compensate for the deformity of her front legs
I do think Anastasia needs to get her mind out of the gutter
Anastasia needs to be 110 percent to win the French Open again
First Anastasia needs to finish school, and she is going to Borneo with you and Mrs. Chamberlain for a few months." "That sounds sensible
Anastasia needs a nap
Her parents said Anastasia still needs regular check-ups with orthopedists and neurologists but other than that, she’sa regular 4-year-old
Anastasia just might not need oxygen when she comes
Anastasia: Does she need to overcome her fear of his being ill and allow him to do what he wants
Anastasia needs to lose about 20 pounds
Anastasia needs to get aromas