week 4!! or a WHOLE Month!

Can you believe it was 4 weeks on Friday and today is a full month according to the date?! Me either!!

Last week was very busy! I didn’t finish all of the videos that I wanted to for the Lumen festival, but the ones that I did finish went well.

My weekend was fun. Friday we packed six people and their stuff for the weekend (including 3 guitars and sleeping bags for everyone) into a minivan. And drove about 6 hours across Slovakia to The Lumen Festival in Trnava (www.festivallumen.sk). I heard some fun bands. Some even sang in English, and one sang in Slovak with a British Accent! I spent Friday night in the flat of a girl from Monroeville, which was very nice. I had my own room and chocolate chip cookies and un accented English conversation. (God is so Good isn’t He!!)

Saturday was a search for a good restaurant for lunch and Timothy's concert where my videos were used. It was so neat and nerve wracking to see them on the big screen! Also, the reason for me to be on the trip, I photographed the band during their concert. We got home about 2 in the morning.

Sunday was a day of beautiful relaxation an finally some sunshine! Spring is coming to Slovakia :) Also, I had the closest thing so far to an untranslated conversation in Slovak. You’d have to have a loose definition of “untranslated” and “Conversation” but I came close and managed to undertand the questions and most of the time give an appropriate answer. There were sometimes I needed help, like explaining that my mother works as a Laboratory Technician in a hospital, but I could tell him names and ages of my siblings, that my father is a pastor, and that I think Slovakia is very pretty! All in all, a great ego boost!

This coming week holds a lot of paperwork for my visa and a Slovak Physical Tuesday in Kosice. Monday’s task is visiting the bank to try and set up an account in Slovakia.

Please Pray:
~ That the visa quest will go smoothly (especially the doctor visit part!)
~ That I will learn Slovak (especially for finding a tutor.)
~ That I will “be all here” (especially in forming relationships)