well well well

huh, if you are reading my blog while i am typing this, you will see the title of this post which i apparently posted. interesting.
I would like to share some random things with you, first up this sandwich:

bacon grease and onion. Add that to the list of odd things someone might feed you while you are sick in Slovakia. I ate the ream cheese and pickle sandwich. i took two polite bites of the bacon grease and onion one, took a picture and then fed the rest to the dog.

We (Micah) Spilled orange juice on my computer this weekend. the c and the up arrow are not working and the right arrow key is finnickey. I am calling this a success. half a liter of OJ hit the keyboard and i Only got a stickey keyboard, 2 keys incommunicado and one with an attitude. . . I took the keyboard apart this afternoon. the keys are no longer stickey and the Hard drive was unaffected. Oh ,God is good! how bad would it have been if my computer was dead. was can not afford a new one, i have DAYS worth of unbacked up projects saved here. oh the meltdown would have been UGLY

I bought toilet paper that is ScENTED!!! like PEAcHES!! I did not do this on purpose, i just bought the cheapest stuff that was not colored... Non-white TP bugs me. its like unsanitary. Thanks mom.

I would like to add to the underwear drawer discussion. The other night micha was taking off his socks and i watched him pull them off and then turn them INSIDE-OUT! I of course asked him what he thought he was doing. He said he THOUGHT I ALWAYS turned socks inside out before washing them!! I am not sure where he got this idea.

the end.