Many thanks to those who gave input about rolling stones, nothing conclusive but appreciated. I think i'll stick with being a rolling stone. Beingcovered in moss has no appeal to me.

Also, for those concerned, Tuesday was not our end day. we are recovering. Sniffling and Sneezing and coughing but recovering.

I went a bit of a different direction for fix-it friday this week and added some embellishments.

I didn't keep good track this week again but here's a rough idea. Image adjustment>exposure, PW bright and colorful, PW's vintage at low opacity. colorized his eyes by paining them blue on a separate layer and then setting the blending mode to soft light at medium opacity (till he didn't look like a cyborg.) I increased the size of the canvas a few mm to give a white border. the font is grenouille. the stars and embellishments are brushes.

see everyone else's take here:

I promise to post about the goose-duckings and chickens with photos soon.