prolificacy? Redundancy?

This morning the computer is running slow. This is beause i only had 600MB of space left. this is because of the insane number of photos i have stored on the hard drive. I am culling this morning.

guess how many photos i had of old faithful??
Old faithful

If you include this flattering shot of Micah with old faithful it makes 61!
Micah & Old Faithful
now, in my defense, i had just gotten my new camera, and it has a great "Burst" mode I just had to try out, and old faithful IS really pretty neat. But honestly! I'm just sayin', Anyone want a old faithful flip-book?

How about a flip-book of my blurry mother jumping while the dog watches? I had FORTY-THREE of those.

I also have a lot of photos of my brother sleeping through Yellowstone in various uncomfortable looking positions. But he's 13 so i wont embarass him on the internet (today).

And just a side note: Wyoming landscapes are pretty neat while you are there. but when you get home, you will have approximately 500 photos of rocky mounds of dirt.
Dad & Micah

Still, it was a great trip and looking at my pictures makes me miss the Wyoming branch of my crazy family.
Mom & Dad at Yellowstone Lake
come to Slovakia. We've got castles and trees with leaves here!