not a blog about cows

Me and a COW this will not turn into a blog about cows. i promise. but I talked to Ami the other night and she had some great cow insight. so instead of my weekly update (which is coming sometime today) I am going to share why i am glad that i am not a cow.

first up, they spend all day puking and re-eating their food. I really dont think i need to expound further on that point.

Second off, and this is Ami's Point, Cows never really go fast they jsut sort of meander. I have nothing against meandering but Ami and i agree that there is no better feeling than going fast every now and then. Whether it's in a car with the windows down and the music up or just running as fast as you can. We think it would stink to spend all day in a great big open field and never really take off going really fast.

My life right now is flying by. It kind of feels like everything but me is going fast. in a few weeks (Nov 16) I'll celebrate my 24th birthday TWENTY-FOUR!!!! That's just a year short of half-way to fifty!! I am not ready for this!! I want a few years back!
This week marked 7 months in Slovakia which means only 5 months till i move back to the states. that's only like 20 weeks. and my list of things to do is growing, not shrinking. the video Klip and CampFest Hymn video will be done today. but i still want to tell the story of MPK (Youth for Christ in Slovakia) it's an amazing story...and there's still CF06 video to start and video o prepare for CF07 and more. I want a few months back!

The theme for CampFest '07 is "viac" in english,"more" as in Christ can do more than we ask or imagine, that God blesses us beyond what we deserve, and that we should give Him more of us. But what it feels like is that the next 5 months will be filled with more that i will have time for. Well, beyond what we ask or Imagine huh? it's all up to Him.

extra bonus note of the day, this picture is from Prague. when we accidentally ended up on the ritzy street in our dandering. not only is this cow on a street of stores that i couldn't afford to buy socks in, the cow is labeled "COW" cow cow cow how many times can i talk about cows before you get sick of me? :)