hit in the head with a cow

this may be the new way i describe my"stasi moments"as abi describes them

“When I was caught and subdued by Alonzo [the cow] and stretched out on the green grass under a pecan tree, I looked up at my father and said “What happened Daddy?” My father had a faraway look in his eye and he said “Son, you were hit on the head with a cow.” For at least a week after I received the blow on the head everything people said to me seemed illogical or disconnected; every conversation I heard seemed to end unerringly and pleasantly in confusion. ..... I feel as if I had been hit on the head with a cow.”

Joe Mitchell, published the above excerpted story, Hit on the Head with a Cow, in McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon in 1943

really that's what it feels like....just like the world doesnt make sense, the reason is totally nonsensical and to top it all off your head hurts.

i definitely like that better than saying i'm having a blue mood or feeling on the edge or any number of euphamisms for "Stasi Moments" that i've used over the years.

from now on if you ask me how i'm doing, i might just tell you that i feel as if i have been hit on the head with a cow.