week 20-23

Hey y’all!
Yeah another 3 week update!!
If youre not keen on reading the updates, Daniel Generation/CampFest Pics are up at Flickr

Week 20 Daniel Generation
This was a fun time. The 150 volunteers who make CampFest happen come a week early to get trained and build tents and generally get in the CampFest mood. Over the course of the week we built about 7 tents (when I say we I mean they built and I took pictures of them working!:))

The week started with a 3-day mini-retreat, with previews of the CampFest speakers and themes, and some great worship and bonding activities. The last night of the program marian gave a very powerful call based on Ezekiel 37 where The valley of dry bones become an army. Marian challenged us to lay aside whatever was keeping us as dry bones and allow God to turn us into His army. Each volunteer was prayed for individually by the YFC Staff and given an dogtag with the scripture verse on it.

Oh and on Tuesday, I spent the day in the office re-editing, you guessed it, the CampFest video!!! When we previewed it on the big screen it turned out that some fonts that show up fine on a computer didn’t project very well.

Week 21 – CampFest and the Aftermath
CampFest Rocked!! There were at least 4,000 people there from babies in strollers to middle aged folks. There were 3 stages, and programs for the kids too. Lots of Jumping and dancing and praising. Oh, and most important, God showed up. Over 500 people made first time decisions that we know about!!!

The main tent where I spent most of my time was called the “Hangar.” During the day, I was helping with the IMAG (puttting video onto the big screens). My crowning acheivement was directing the cameras for one show totally in Slovak. (“Horrible make them cry at how I butcher their language” Slovak to be sure, but I was proud of me) I also got to run a camera and push lots of buttons :). Another during the day job was shooting video for the 2006 promo video that we will start editing sometime in September. In the evenings (night/early morning) I was one of 3 official photographers in the Hangar. I took over 2500 pictures and had a blast with that.

I got to know a lot of people I work with better and my Slovak improved, and I did not need a single Benadryl the entire time I was there!!! God is Faithful, and He answers prayer.

Paly Summed it up best, “I was stressed and exhausted and worn out, but God was there and I didn’t want it to stop.” I agree.

After we got back from CF, we finished out the week at the office getting things sorted out and preparing for the 2 weeks off.

Week 22 – In which I do NOTHING!!
After 12 days of people 24 hours a day, (the only time you were ever alone at CF was in the WC and even then, someone was knocking o the door) having the week off was a super blessing. I slept in, read some, accomplished some stuff that I had put off till after CF and generally indulged my introverted side. It was beautiful.
The humor spotlight of the week shines on Thursday evening when I met some friends for a movie only to get into the theater and realize it was in Arabic! With Czech Subtitles!! I understood very little, but still enjoyed the time out.

Week 23 - The Preview
This week, I am going to travel to Zilina and Bratislava with Rado and Roman. Some visiting YFC folks in those cities, and sightseeing and getting out of Presov. Even the super-introverts can only spen so much time in seclusion without going crazy!


Please pray for:
~Safe travel
~Slovak Learning
~Just praise Jesus for His faithfulness and blessings with me.

Please let me know how I can pray for you. I don’t want to turn into a vessel that only takes in and doesn’t pour out on others.