odds and ends

ok, the DG pictures reeeallly are uploading this time I love technology *hint of sarcasm*

also this afternoon, i'm gonna write the update e-mail....since i leave tomorrow for a week :) (sorry sorry sorry it is taking soooo long to get out)

AND if you prayed for my Kristen, thank you. HERE is a link to her Summerserve Blog entry with pictures video links and general wonderfullness.

Have i mentioned that i love this girl? no really, partly 'cause she did the same thing i'm doing (missionary with YFC for a year) and she did it 7 months ahead of me. i get to read her blog archives and remind myself that I am not going crazy. (keep your commments to yourself! :)) and i get to look and say, oh it got better around her 5 month mark, i will not be crazy forever! (again with the keeping your comments to yourself!)