right quick

We do have spotty SLOOOOOOWWWWWWWW internet here. I wanted to send out a quick note.

Your prayers are working. There is no rain, no major technical problems, I am being social, my Slovak is improving and I have not needed to take a single Benydryl since I’ve been here. God reminded me tonight though that all this is not enough. I could kick myself. I realized tonight that I was so focused on all that could go wrong that I forgot why we do this. I want to ask you not to stop praying, but to broaden your prayers. God reminded me tonight that clear skies and flawless performances are just a means to the end, not the end in themselves. We do CampFest to glorify God, so that people will be drawn to Him. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the all the hows and forget the Why.

I am having lots of fun with Slovak. Today the duck did all sorts of things. It read a menu and jumped and fell in a hole and hurt it’s back. I have a lot of nice people around all day who answer my questions and it’s really good. Tomorrow the Snails will do things like always be late remember something and who knows what else. I have this bizarre desire to learn. I’m embracing it while it lasts!

Please Pray:
For all the things you have been.
That lives will be transformed through CampFest (how did I forget THAT!)