i think this is a mean April fools...but i hope not!

"April 1, 2005

Dear Anastasia,

After reviewing your application and references the YFC/USA World Outreach department would like to officially invite you to attend our next Candidate School, May 16-21, 2005.

Candidate School (CS) will be held at the YFC/USA National Service Center in Denver, CO. CS will begin on Tuesday morning and end on Saturday afternoon. A schedule will be sent to you via email a week prior to CS. The cost for a single person is normally around $900. This is just a rough estimate – the cost varies.


I will also be sending three books that you are to read before you attend CS. There are questions that go along with each book—I’ll be emailing these questions to you. Please answer the questions and either bring them with you to CS or send them to me via email. Either way – they are due at the beginning of CS.


I am looking forward to having you here! CS is a time for you to get to know YFC and for YFC to get to know you. I encourage you to pray that God would clearly lead you during this CS as to whether YFC is the right fit for you. And we, as a World Outreach department, will pray the same. I am excited to see the outcome!!!

Thanks for beginning the process of serving the Lord overseas. I look forward to walking with you in the days ahead. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime.

OK....slovakia...Europe...out of the country....$900!!....MAY!!!...making videos...working with missions....telling the best story in the UNIVERSE!....raising 900$ by MAY 16th....there is panic and exuberence and flipping out and all sorts of rabid emotions running around me....i'll keep you posted.....