3 things (in pastor Cope style, 2 are short and one is long)

first, why my mothers attempts to loose weigth will make me fat:
my mom is doind the Dr Phil thing. Loosing weight and eatign healthier. except that my role as cheerleader and skinny daughter means that when she feel slike eating junk food she brings it to me and i have to eat it. mostly i eat a lot of chocolate...cause she gets us both some and then i have to eat hers too...i dont really mind

Second, superheroes:
i fianlly saw the incredibles....every second of the DVD and special features except i havnt wathced the animators and directors commentaries...yet :)
Alex decided everyone should decide what their superhero power would be and a superheroname....i decided i would be able to manipulate time...but i need a good super hero name...drawing a blank...plase i throw myslef on your mercy...comment with ideas...Alex will nto let me rest till i have a superhero name

Third, boys:
Ami is dating TJ...did we see this coming?!
Abi is back with Dustin....we saw this coming.
I am dating Micah...i was hoping this is what i saw coming...details:
I showed up a bit early...surprised him as this is not somehting i have done before!
we went to dinner at some Chinese place...becasue he was expecting me 40 minutes late, we had an hour to kill after dinner and went to a supermarket and bought jellybellies and ate them in my car in the parking lot, where i heard the racoon story...a good story even thought he racoon was not greena d did not skip. My driving was made a considerable amount of fun on. Then we went Bowling...GCC has their own lanes complete with cute old man! We did 2 games and then a game of Crazy bowl then we went back up to his suite and watched Big Fish with a bunch of people...all of whom I met and none of whose names I remember
no serious conversation to this point, but then walking to my car in the snow....(he was wearing FLIPFLOPS! i didn’t notice till we were out and he wouldn’t go back and change) i had to know what he was thinking along the lines of an "us" so my exact words were "Micah, (I hit him, he hit me back) where are we going"
his answer, your car
my answer, beyond that?
him, you’re going home and i'm going back to my suite
i made a crack about expecting an English major to be able to work outside the world of the literal, and spelled my question out more literally. We walked in silence a bit...he asked if i really wanted and answer. At this point, i forgot the word “rhetorical” and sounded like an idiot
so then he cheated and asked me what i thought about it. i said that i thought he was nice and smart and funny and i was pretty much smitten
we made it to my car i was going to wipe it off but he took the brush off me...(which is better than in the past when he just used his hand over my protests) but he wouldn't talk while he was cleaning.... car got cleaned we sat inside
he said he didn’t expect it to get this far that i'd find out more about him and get uninterested and that he knew my love for missions and didn’t want to get in the way of that but he would really like to date me
and i said i thought i would like that
his exact words "do we have a deal then?"
but i still didn’t get a hug