i could have danced all night

ok, so first off, there was no dancing tonite. the title has to do with the fact that i was listening to the music from "my fair lady" on the way up and i had a wonderful night, complete with swings and slides and chocolate ice cream and great conversation, and for those who care, there was hugging.. that's all, the end.

so as for Slovakia...i'm pretty much comitted....maybe i really should be "comitted"(as in to a mental ward)...on May 16...36 days, i will be in Denver. provided i get the $ raised...ad the books read...and the paperwork filled out...all in all i have a lot to do. and i have little time and when i have time i jsut want to veg out, you know?....so when you see me you ahve permisison to nag, JUST ONCE per sighting...and that doesnt mean nag and then close your eyes and then open them to nag again...that would be cheating. but the once per seeing me thing would jsut be lovign and helpfull...you know how i get :)