Easily Amused.

OK so in 2011 I might actually blog.

I feel like i should apologize for starting my new blogging year with such an annoying post.

So I'm sorry. I know animated GIFs are so last decade. But like my mother I am a late adopter. Fortunately for you all, I also have a short attention span and am highly distractable (besides, this only barely broke even in the work to create vs. enjoyment of final product ratio).



Also in 2011 I am going to hand my camera to others to take pictures of me more often.

There is no Micah because things that spin make him puke. Jimmy was at the store. There is a series of photos of Mark spinning Ami, but i forgot and animated the one without him. Plus he appears in mine and I'm not doing another because like i said, low enjoyment to work ratio.

Animated only has one N.

Happy New Year!

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