christmas cards

Abi told me about Shutterfly giving away 50 free Christmas photo cards to folks who blog about shutterfly, I love Shutterfly. I did my wedding album with them and get lots of compliments. I try to put together a book each year of highlights (just finished 2009! go me.) My sister has a cute calendar of her kids on the fridge. They do other kinds of cards as well announcements and invitations and whatever you can think of cards.

I signed up for the giveaway back in November, but there's a problem. My current blogging funk aside (I am still alive by the way), I waited till the last minute to post this mostly because I am not sure what to put ON the photo card. We don't have adorable kids, we do have 2 cats, but we're not those kind of people. We're not even sure Mo is alive since no one has seen him in 2 weeks. It's just Micah and Me and no one really wants or needs a photo of us in santa hats. Besides, I don't have (m)any good photos of us together (let alone in matching hats):

(remember folks, these are the BEST that I could find.....)

And even though you can put like 6 photos on some designs, even the ones of us separately look like this:

seriously the best photo of Micah and I is from the Bike Tour this summer in Gettysburg after we had biked a million miles and climbed an observation tower. And we are posing by a canon. Yay for Peace on Earth!

I have more Christmas canon card options than any one person should.

Merry Christmas,

bet you all can't wait to see what we send out this year.