You can't argue with happy eggs

At least the eggs are having a good day....

Things I will be happy about today:
- Micah did the dishes last night.
- the sun is shining
- Psalm 32:8
- You can cook tea cookie sin the microwave
- Micah does not like tea cookies = more for ME!
- I have warm slippers
- The Steelers did not loose the superbowl (that the didn't win is
something I'm not thinking about)
- We are almost done eatign turkey
- The chickens are laying again = free eggs. Happy free eggs.

The longer I look at the happy eggs, the better I feel. I am thinking
about not working anymore today. I will just sit here and look at the
happy eggs. Maybe you would like to join me in not working and
looking at happy eggs. I might put on some cheery music too. Acapella
music makes me happy.

Did I tell you about my music? I was running gout of free space on my
computer. I looked into this and discovered that when I loaded songs
from CD's they were loading in an uncompressed format. This means
that some files were over TEN TIMES what they needed to be. I
remedied this and it freed up over 15 GIGABYTES of space on my hard
drive. Even the eggs are happy about that.