Micah's latest idea

We met this morning after language school with a missionary who is
living about 50 minutes from us in Ruzomberok. Because he is teaching
English in the local schools, he has a salary and a place to live
provided. We met another couple last month who have a similar setup.
This got us thinking about how much we dislike raising funds. It is
just not comfortable for us. So Micah had a great idea: He will set
up a booth at CampFest, paint himself brown, play native american
flute music and juggle a chain-saw (which we already have!) and
flaming bowling pins (which he is sure he will be able to find
somewhere). They jury is still out on wether he will wear a
loincloth or some other yet to be defined costume. We ruled out a
dunking booth and snake wrestling before coming up with this
brilliant idea. We will charge a Euro admission, and figure if most
people come once and a few come back or a repeat viewing, we can
match our annual salary in a weekend. He will look up how to juggle
on google this evening and start practicing over the weekend.

What will you discuss over lunch?