Other news

In other news, i can not load photos from either of the cameras to my computer. It distresses me. I am not sure if hte problem is with the reader, the cable or (the worst option of all) my computer.

If that was not the case, i would insert a photo of our new kitten or the pretty sunrise this morning or the allegheny river valley covered in snow.

instead i will post photos of what i already had on my computer

the time i forgot i had a loaf of bread rising and it went out of control

the time micah dyed his hair and part of his beard black with 10 cent leftover halloween spray dye

Micah and Ben painting each other and our kitchen

A sign that says "quitting business". I do not know why that phrasing intrigues me. Also note the small sign that says "10% off Beer"

And two photos of my mom and the dog jumping that will probably get me disowned

Happy Birthday Miss Brenda

I better stop now.