i am not dead.
Im at Judah &meghan's Apartment on Their laptop. I do not like thier keyoard. it is different frommine and I can't make it work right. and the space bar only works if you hit it with your right thumb.not the left Also i am a stinky typer. how woudl you spelltyper...oh wait it's typist isn't it
there is a lot of snow here so we are holed up with the simpsons and the playstation. Meghan and I also have books. Meghan baked brownies and while the boys were out getting some fresh air we cut them out of the pan and hid them and then we told the boys we got hungry.I thougth Micah might explode :)!

there is not much more to tell. We are still in grove City, my sweaters are stil in Slovakia, beter luck next winter I guess. third time's a charm. Micah and I ar e tenatively plannign to return to Europe in the Spring.

So tha'ts the story.

i am toying with teh idea of selling some prints of my photos in the gift shop of ben's hotel or some like place. it seems like it might b complicated but myabe worth trying.

this is a long and incoherent post. my most sencirest apologies for sounding like 6th grade girl.I never really liked 6th grade girls and i hated being one