well well well

The car is a VW Golf according to all the paperwork....but for some reason, the back says rabbit. So everybody is wrong. But it is definitely NOT a Polo. Now that I think about it, i wish it was.... oh! the fun we could have if it was....MARCO!!! :) :)

Rash 2008 Update.....I will not post pictures. It has gone down some, although it still itches. The cat has a severe case of Notoderic Mange...Feline Scabies. 80% of websites and the Vet say that the mites will not bother humans. 19.9% of websites say that on the off chance they do infect humans the result is "mild and self-limiting". I found one website that described a possible reaction that included intense itching (worse at night) for about 3 weeks. This seems to be the reaction we are having. Lucky us! The good news is that we're already a week and a half in, and as Micah says, it's not like it'll itch intensely for three weeks and then suddenly stop, it has to taper off some.

I updated a bunch of photos to Flickr

we are going to look at an apartment tonight.

I have no clue why i titled this post the way i did...but have you heard the joke about the three holes in the ground?