I got a shot in my butt. I have a rash that literally covers everyinch of my body between my neck and my ankles front and back. It itches like crazy. now at first it started on my stomach. a patch maybe tyhe size of my palm. but then it started to spread. this is bad, i thought. Micah said, What have you never had a rash? it'll go away stop complaining. so i did. and it continued to spread.
(meanwhile he sunburnt the heck out of his shoulders. Blisters and everythign. and i was quite sympathetic. Even though i predicted this when i saw him without his shirt. i even warmed the aloe before i put it on. and made sure he had enough water.)
but once it coverd over 50% of my body i asked Milos to take me to the doctor. There was no way i could have done this on my own. anyway the doctor looked only at the rash on my right arm, the nurse gave me a shot, they said it was a reaction to some food or lotion (which doesn't' explain why Micah is starting to get the rash too) I got a prescription for some verrry strong antihistamines and two bottles which contain from what i can tell a solution of Aloe and menthol. But i didn't itch when i went to bed last night and i feel a lot better today. We'll see.