T minus 2 weeks

Dear friends and prayer warriors,

There is so much to update you on.

This past week Roman and I finished editing on the 26 minute video from CampFest 2006 that will be on the DVD along with photos, promotional shorts for CF07 and the messages from the main tent. It took longer than we hoped because of some technical glitches, but it is finished and we are very proud of it. I‚ll bring back a copy and you can see it if you‚d like. Unfortunately, as of now, it hasn‚t been translated and subtitled yet so it‚s all in Slovak. Hopefully that will happen in the next 2 weeks so I can bring home an English version.

My next project is shooting some interviews for a video that will be shown at the CB Family Conference on conflict and emotional healing. Since I am not fluent enough to to edit a piece made up mainly of interviews (understatement alert!) Roman will put all the pieces together, probably after I leave.

This will be my last free weekend here in Slovakia. And I plann to bake cookies for the office onelast time and try to get a good start on packing. I am pretty overwhelmed with that thoutht.

Next weekend will be a WorshipFestival in Vsetin in the Czech republic. I planed my departure date so that I could be here for this last festival. It will be a roughly 6 hour trip across the country for the festival on Sunday. I‚m short on details, but your prayers will most certainly be appreciated.

We have been having weekly work days here at the center to try and put all the finishing touches on the work here. The Studio is done and looks great. It is already in use! The attic is two thirds done with just the conference room lacking carpet and furniture. Marian has already moved into his new office. The café is finished except for light fixtures and cushions on the chairs. We still need to be inspected and certified to run a café here. Yesterday we worked outside some to clean up the mess that was left from all the construction. We have a new fence and the place looks good.
For a photo tour please check out the „Most Centrum: before and after‰ album on my flickr site. Just click here(or copy to the address bar on your browser: http://www.flickr.com/gp/63912494@N00/85hgVx

On Monday I had a free day and met up with a youth group of Baptists from Texas who are here teaching english and building relationships. Monday was their sightseeing day and was able to do some of that with them. We climbed the bell tower in the Catholic church for great view of the city. I have wanted to do that since I got here, but never had the time and opportunity to do it at the same time before now.

It was a nice break from all that is flying around in my head now. There is so much I still want/need to do here before coming home. It seems like the longer I‚m here, the more I add to my list of things to do in Slovakia Some of it is just things I want to do, like visit Spis castle and Poland and Austria while I am so close, plus I have three or four video projects on my „wish I had time‰ list. Some of the things are more urgent like packing and wrapping up the loose ends of projects that I have already started.

But regardless of what gets done from my ever growing list, in just under two weeks, I‚ll be back in the states. Coming back to the states is a mixed bag emotionally. Presov has become „home‰ so I am in the odd place of leaving home in order to go home. A year ago I was nervous that I would never remember everyone‚s names, and now I am a part of a community here. I have built friendships.

For those of you who have been praying for God‚s guidance for Micah and Me as we decide what comes next, I have some exciting news. We have been invited to come back to Slovakia to work at the YFC Ranch in Kralova Lehota (central Slovakia) and are currently in the process of getting everything together for that. Our plan is that Micah will attend YFC‚s Candidate orientation at the end of April, and the MTI training at the end of May. We will get married of June 30th. And then head to Slovakia together as soon as we have the funding in place. So between that and planning a wedding my time at home will be pretty busy.

At the same time I‚m sending this out I am also typing up my last Letter from Slovakia with more info on the big picture here and what is visible of the road ahead. If for some reason you receive this update but not my mailings, please let me know so that I can add you to that list and you can get the whole picture of what‚s going on.