I cleaned out my desk drawer and discovered that i have 15 pads of post-it notes in various colors and shapes one pad of postit's is not pictured as i only discovered it just now AND that does not count the pad of purple notes that i just gave away this weekend. i also have two notepads shaped like the letter S, two half used packs of index cards and two list sized pads of paper(one of which is not pictured).

i also have nothing packed and i fly in under 48 hours. i am excited about the flying part and not about the packing part... so instead of doing something about the fact that this is what my room looks like from the doorway, i am posting pictures on the internet and blogging about it :) you cant see the stacks of books on the floor or the messy shelf of jewlery lotions and makeup, but i promise both of those are there too.

funny language story: i have trouble differentiating between the words for mustard and fever. this isn't usually a problem since i learned about context clues in elementary school. But i was slightly confused when i thought Vlado was asking me if i had travel mustard. context clues got me in trouble this time as he was using this question to switch the topic of conversation conversation from the hot dogs we were eating and if we had such good hot dogs in america, onto the topic of my trip home. He really wanted to know if i had travel FEVER :) once we sorted that out, the conversation went much smoother.