My Latest Cross Cultural Experience

I went to the rodeo last weekend....and had a great time crossing cultures!!
Me and John Deere

me and a large dead cow head

I smooched a LLAMA!!(do you think Micah will get jealous?)

kissing cows

cow butts

It must be a cultural thing :)

this guy was just the epitome of cute! He got so tied up in his rope....i felt kinda bad taking pictures of kids that werent mine, but not bad enough to miss this cute shot
more cute kids who arent mine!

I cant escape Slovak Culture!....we were running late to the actual rodeo so I didn’t get to try any :(

start of the rodeo

bull riding

they put 5 and 6 year olds on sheep.....it was sooo funny...the kids were just hanging on for dear life!!

Stasi In the Saddle!!