from Beatrice & Colorado

I'm currently wireless in the community area...this is officially beatrice's first blog entry!!

so i almost slept through my flight but with some other "minor" complications (which i'm not admitting to the internet in general) I made it to Palmer Lake and MTi. i forgot my bears and cell phone charger so far...i mean that's all i have realized i forgot so far....It's nice here...have my own room and bthroom and every one seems nice enough...at dinner with a couple going to Kenya, a friend going to Uganda, a girl going to Tanzania, and one going to Uzbekistan

i have pictures from the Lane thing...aniversary and Christmas...they shall find their way to flickr eventually! any family reading this, keep your eyes peeled at the link to the right

i'll keep y'all updated as i learn my language acquisition techniques these next two weeks

ok so without looking, what's the difference between eg. and i.e. ?