I ♥ Faces - Feet!

Did you know that i am a compulsive photographer of feet. mostly my own. it's true.

When i'm jsut sitting around waiting for something to take a picture of, i feel compelled to photograph my feet. it's weird i know.

So it's feet week and i have trouble choosing just one.... should it be the one of my feet with the polka dotted mug? The one i took last year at campFest in the control room? Bare feet? the one with the pink and green shoes and pink shirt? Flip-flops? boots? feet in the mud? the snow?

Too many choices! I need a vacation


aaaaaah much better.

Also a Micah Quote for your entertainment:
"Is Vermont a state?"
(I give him a blank stare)
"because it sounds an awful lot like it might be a city in Michigan."
(I slap my forehead)

we were not talking about vermont. I have no clue what prompted this conversation