new car...yet to be named

it's snowing. the "feels like" temperature is currently 25. i belive it. the low tonight is supposed to be 29 degrees. it is cold. tomorrow's high is 36.
this seems like the perfect time to blog about our new car. it is a convertable :)
a new car might seem like a frivolous thing for two newlyweds leaving the country.
a convertable might seem like a rediculous thing to have in WPA in the late fall.
but Micah's car.....well it currently resides in Mercer Auto Wreckers Land. The rear bumper was hangin on by sheer will and a few zip ties (and maybe some bubblegum). and the muffler (well, technically the entire exhaust system) stopped hanging on a while ago. He had to take a route home from work that didnt go through any towns. Darn cops and their enforcing the state laws and all. So, the car needed replaced before Micah went to jail.
Also, we bought the car salvaged in September and we (micah & my dad) worked on it in my parents driveway for weeks. and when we got it all spiffied up (new headlights grill, muffler, tires, and scrubbed all up) we took it to get inspected. I got a call asking if there ws a trick to staring the car. the starter failed. So Micah and I drove to Connoquenessing, push started the darn car and took it back to my parents. and then we left for a month.
when we came back, Micah fixed the starter in the living room. with a Soldering pen. in the LIVING ROOM. The "fixed" starter ran long enough for the darn thing to pass inspection. Abi & Claire spent a day driving me around to get all the paperwork and stuff done. Then the next day, when Micah and i came to take the car home, the starter failed. We push started it agian, (Micah's really good at this) and drive it home to Grove City.
Micah put a new starter in and new speakers and a fuel filter. there is also talk of a new thermostat. I set the clock.and anyway we now have a convertable in Western PA in November. I never even got to drive it with the top down. i did dream that i did the other night though (seriously) I like it. we may lookinto shipping it to Slovakia.