46! WEEKS!! (aka, the long overdue official update)

Dear Friends and Prayer warriors.

I am sorry that it has been over a month since my last “weekly update.” I’ll try and catch you all up and keep you better updated in the next weeks. I appreciate your prayers very much and everyone else here does too.

Things are still moving along slow but steady with the work on the center. Last week we had two work days and another is planned for this week sometime, we are painting and cleaning and doing all the little things that go much faster when you have a group attacking them. The attic is almost finished, it just needs carpet put down and the wood paneling sealed. The café furniture is all finished (except for cushions I think), and they are putting some sort of plaster texture on the walls and painting downstairs today. The studio lacks paint, carpet, some finishing of the windows (they are specially angled and sealed for soundproofing), and all the equipment moved in. Please keep the center in prayer as we secure funding for finishing, safety as we work, and that lives would be changed though the work that will happen here.

This past weekend was the Save the Light conference in the Brethren Church here in Presov. Save the Light is an annual prayer conference for eastern Slovakia. I was helping out there doing camera work, and whatever else I could on the technical side of things. It was nice to spend the weekend with a camera in my hands. Some people said that this year was probably the best Save the Light so far.

This week, Roman and I were supposed to start editing the CampFest 2006 footage for the DVD. We finally got the interview tapes from the company that did video, well most of them. It turned out that we were missing the one of Marian, the national director. :( Roman is making calls and e-mails to see if we can track that down. Please pray that the tape will be found and sent so that this can be started and finished.

This coming weekend will be another big event. We are having a Worship Festival in Kosice, the second largest city in Slovakia. We hope for many people to come and for God to be glorified. Please pray for us as the details get tweaked this week, and for safety and blessing at the Festival itself. Riso and Samo are the MPK staff in Kosice who are doing most of the detail work to get everything set up and I’m sure they would appreciate your specific prayers.

Please also continue to pray for the new ranch. Technically we still don’t have all the papers and approvals that we will need to have CampFest 2007 there. Plus, there is a LOT of work to get done especially with the hygiene facilities that need to be in place to host a few thousand campers for a weekend. We believe that God has provided this ranch to MPK to touch the lives of young people and families and so that CampFest can be held there, and we are trusting in Him to take care of the details.

I only have 50 days left in Slovakia. I’m not sure whether to say I’m leaving home or going home. Home as it turns out is a complicated concept these days. I am sure though that I am looking forward to seeing all of you and sharing stories and pictures and thanking you in person for your prayers.
I have my ticket and on March 28th I’ll fly back to Pittsburgh from Kosice via Prague, Dublin and Boston. Five airports in less than 20 hours! Micah and I are making plans and praying to know God’s will more clearly we would really appreciate your prayers on that front.

Thank you for your Prayers