the really important news from Svarin

I just staved off a friendly attack of balloon wielding preschoolers. you know the long skinny balloons that clowns make into swords and flowers and flying mice. well these were just blown up and handed to the darling little hoodlums.
Subsequently 5 or 6 of them decided i would make a good target. At first, i played along and laughed a bit. when it got annoying i ignored. then i threatened, then i sucked up my language self-consciousness and i asked them to stop. then i told them to stop (at least i think that's what i said). i finally ran into the other room and hid behind Iveta. Thus getting the attention of the parents and a bit more fluent and authoritative order to stop the attack. A bit underhanded i know, i'm nothing but a grown up tattletale running to tell their mommys :)
At any rate, they are mostly leaving me be now and i am threatening any comers with my knitting needle. it is of course not sharp enough to be a real threat. but the popping noises i make when i poke at the balloons has them convinced for now. but when the munchkins figure out that I'm bluffing....I'm in big trouble