Pray for Kristen

so, pray for my Kristen, you know the really cool suitemate in N Ireland. she's halfway through Summerserve. She and the rest of the team are challenging Kids to run away from hell. Naturally the gates of hell are not happy about this.

Summerserve in Her words:
"Summerserve is a two week long mission trip that’s run by YFCNI (Youth for Christ Northern Ireland) every year. People come from America and Canada to join NIers and are broken up into teams of 10-12. I am leading a team of 11 in a parish called Magheralin - just over the hill from Warinsgtown. I have an assistant named Matthew Nichol and our team is comprised of 6 Americans and 5 Northern Irish.

Over the two weeks, we’ll be running a VBS, nightly drop-in center activities, neighborhood clean-up projects, detached youth work and whatever else arises as the Lord directs! While most of the structure of the two weeks is planned, the details are not. That is down to the team."

How to pray:
For the team:
- unity
- energy
- focus
- discipline
- that we wouldn’t waste opportunities
- that we would have fun
- that we would worship with our whole lives
- that people would see Jesus in us

For the parish:
- that the transition would be made between a Summerserve commitment and a
full-time disciple
- that the more traditional folks would be okay as we open the doors to the
‘hooligans’ of the parish

For the people they’re “ministering” to:
- that they’d see Jesus and choose to follow


I love this girl, and if you dont you should! And regardless of you feelings or lack thereof for Kristen, she and this team are doing some amazing Kiingdom stuff, and need your prayers!

Check out her blog for more details, and probably an update with pictures when she gets home. The link is over to the right. Or click HERE