i promise the last two weeks updates are coming however in the meantime a few thoughts from today:
- how can i get my keyboard to stop typing double m's however it strikes it conceited little fancy (to steal a phrase fromm Micah)
- Speaking of mmy Micah, he is back in the US of A. i miss him already.
- I have never had a sunburn that peeled twice before. does that mean it was a second degree burn? cool.
- How do you say "i feel like someone is pounding a railroad tie into my head" in Slovak? I think i need that phrase.
- How did my family live without air conditioning for so long?
- I really do love video editing. really. a lot.
- This might be the Aunt Sarah version of the update that is to come. I love my aunt Sara. i forget if her namme has a h. i am too lazy too look it up. sorry, Aunt Sara(h)

-there are three diffent computers playing three differnent kinds of music in this office. i forgot my headphones at home.
-the guy sitting next to me has stolen mmy comfortable chair leaving me with the defective one AND he is whistling.