random thoughts

my schedule is obscenely off kilter. today i slept till 930AM went to work at 11AM worked till 740PM (thanks Jessica*biting sarcasm*) went to Bible study after that and then came home at like 9 had pasta and a pork chop (i was hungry for pasta at 9 PM folks!) it's midnight and i'm not tired...being sick and work and bad decisions and other things out of my control have thrown me so far off...i'm on College time again...why am i not tired at normal times....why dont i eat at normal times....why am i turnign into a light sleeper?!.....i'm obsessing i know...

btw i think i might be a fan. i'm not ready to talk aobut it...jsut yet....but yeah.

also, my fanness does not extend to my job. it is a job. they pay me. i work with a bunch of crazies. not a weird as the ones my mom works with, but still either crazy or bitter or i'm not sure i even have a word for what..... but it is work and it is nice to be working. i need new kahki pants. i sat in something last night. the stain and i are fighting it out. the stain is winning. I wore ami's pants today. we have differnt size butts. that's all on the topic of my butt. praise the Lord i do not work tomorrow

on another random note, love hurts. i'm not talkign romance here. i'm talking love. like the i'm commited to you for the rest of my life. you are my friend and i love you no matter what you do, and sometimes that means that i have to say or do what's right even though you dont want me to. and that means that you have the power to hurt me like no one else in the world. but i will still love you

and on names. i like them. i like different ones. i like ones with meaning. i love mine. 'Resurection Full of Grace Keeper of a safe place" it's liek celebrating Easter anytime someone says my name!!

contrastingly, why do my doodles look like hell? literally. like flames. i used to doodle flowers and swirleys. i dont mean it to be flames, but it does look like it.

a thought i have had in the past and stole from some Asburians Xanga "Why is it that girls in Christian colleges dress like something on the dessert menu but get mad when a guy wants to place an order?" Screw your heads on ladies and fly right

AND WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AM I NOT TIRED... This is the Second Night in a Row!!